Writing Services

Clear Vision. Concise Wording.

Compelling Communication.

My writing services are built on the belief that when people have a clear understanding of your vision, they are able to run with it. My goal is to provide clarity through concise written communication that will compel your audience to run to action! Many people call me dramatic, I call it expressive and convincing. Either way, I have a way with words and an uncanny ability to grasp your vision and get your point across.  


Professional Writing

I've been writing in the background for as long as I can remember. You have the ideas and the knowledge, I have the words. Let me help you tell YOUR story!

  • Personal and Business Bios

  • Media Releases

  • Speeches/Presentations

  • Newsletters

  • General Copy: Blog, Web, Email

  • Rewriting & Ghostwriting

Just Write It Already - Strategy & Action Session

The Just Write It Already Strategy session is designed to do just that, create a strategy for writing or releasing your book. During our 55 -minute call we will take a look at where you are on your book journey and create an action plan for next steps. 

Just Write It Already - Individual Coaching

Just Write It Already is an individual coaching program designed for authors to take the next step towards their writing goals. One time Discovery Session required prior to enrollment.


What is your 3-step process for professional writing?
1- Consultation: You share your vision with me. During this time we identify whether I offer services that meet your current needs.
2- Create: I create a solid framework for your project. If it's a writing project, I prepare your rough draft and submit for your review.
3- Completion: I send you your final document. We smile with satisfaction at your vision being in plain sight.

How much do you charge for consultations?
For each writing client, I offer a FREE 15-minute phone consultation. Sign up HERE.

What are your writing rates?

Your unique vision deserves a unique approach. Therefore, I quote each project on an individual basis.  My quote will include an estimate of the amount of time necessary to complete your project including any research that may be warranted.

Do you offer publishing?

No; I do not offer publishing services at this time. However, I have knowledge of the self-publishing process and can walk you through it.

What I really want to know is if you would help me set up my business, handle my accounting, do all the work to make my vision happen?
I am more than happy to help you take an accurate assessment of your needs during our consultations. However, I do not offer services to do these things. If you are looking for help in these areas, I would recommend contacting a qualified professional to assist you in achieving your goals.

How do I get started?
Feel free to send me an email to evydanibooks@gmail.com. I will respond and set up a time for our consultation!

Client Reviews

“I have truly enjoyed my 8 week coaching with Danielle ...I have learned so much from her and her great attitude has shifted me to always have a cheering, positive attitude no matter the situation..”

— S.P.

“I was excited and a bit scared, but when I saw your books out, I was so happy and like...OK, she’ll hold me accountable... I like it [Just Write It Already Planning Guide] because it helps me target my niche.”

— D.S.

“So I think I've figured out my WHY chatting with you."

— D.B.