Coaching Services

I can concretely say that most of the successful instances in my life have happened with the presence of a coach - dance, track, business, speaking, you name it. I believe in the coaching process so much that I became a certified personal development coach. Through coaching, my goal is to help you live authentically in every area of your life.



Do you have a book you've been holding on to? Started your book, but don't know what's next?

I am a published author with substantial experience in corporate communications. I've helped others achieve their publishing goals. Let me help you!



Are you doing what you love? Do you feel successful on your career journey?

Not only have I had experience in several career fields, I've also spent the last two and a half years as a recruiter. I'm a Certified Professional Recruiter who knows how to help you show up authentically even at work.


Family Life

Do you feel fulfilled in your family life? Are you being your authentic self in your family relationships?

I'm a wife. I'm a mom. Both roles are HARD. Add in the other life responsibilities and it seems dang near impossible. Guess what? it doesn't have to be!

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