5 Ways to Make Money Writing

I used to write just for fun. Then I found out I could get paid to have fun. I’ve tried my hand at most of them.  Here is a quick list I put together of ways to make money writing:

1.       Become an affiliate marketer. This process requires you to choose products or services to promote. Your writing is centered on these items and includes links to them. Money is made by driving traffic to the site and people’s purchases there. I’ve done this briefly, but not full time to make a significant financial impact. Though I know writers that live off of it.

2.       Create/update resumes. Although I did spend a few years as a technical recruiter, I was writing resumes long before that. Actually, it was a skill passed down from my mom. She was a document superstar making even the most unskilled look desirable. I would recommend choosing a specific industry or niche for your services; it is difficult to write well for every occupation.

3.       Draft corporate communications (i.e. memos, emails). I’ve worked in several industries. They all have stuff to send out, whether internally or to a broad customer base. Somebody’s got to write it.

4.       Offer freelance writing services. Freelance writing services have cropped up in mass. Consider joining one of the online companies that allow you to share your services. I am a member of one and have made thousands of dollars over the past few years.

5.       Write term papers. I did this for a while in college. That was over a decade ago. But I’m pretty sure there are still people in college that hate writing papers and are willing to pay for it.

There are many ways to make money writing. However, I believe it is important to identify which one(s) work best for you. I’m sure you know that process comes with trial and error. Once you’ve found what works, stick with it.

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