Top 5 Reasons to Write a Book

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How many times have you been told, “You should write a book?” If you’re like many, the prospect sounds exciting once you have finally gotten over the “but I’m not an author” phase. As you dive into exploration, here are a few thoughts to help you decide why in fact you really should write a book.

5. Writing a book shares your unique perspectives. Perspectives are like some parts of the human anatomy – everyone should have the same set of basic parts. Whether a business professional or sharing a dog sitter, your experiences shape your perspectives on even the most common subjects.  It is very easy to get lost in “other posts/brands/pages similar to this”. Writing a book allows you to step out of the line-up and offer your unique perspective on a particular topic. Your unique perspective may resonate with readers who may not have otherwise connected with the subject just because of your shared outlook.

Photo by Git Stephen Gitau from Pexels

Photo by Git Stephen Gitau from Pexels

4. Writing a book can add to your income goals. When done right, writing a book can make money. In this case, writing a book is a great idea because it adds another stream of income to your business or lifestyle. As a stay-at-home mom or boardroom professional, having a book available makes sales possible while you are focused on other aspects of your life. It’s true. You could be making money while you are sleeping!

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3. Writing a book extends your reach. Just like the “other posts/brands/pages similar to this” can be something to avoid, it can also be helpful with writing a book. Your profile may not reach those outside of your personal network on its own. However, adding a book to your profile can extend your reach. Suddenly your book and profile are popping up next to others in the same genre. Someone who would have never happened across your brand is now curious and subsequently familiar because of your proximity. Your book has extended your reach beyond your favorite uncle and college roommate.

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2. Writing a book builds credibility. When is the last time you browsed a bookstore or the Amazon book categories? You have likely seen some unbelievable topics. The fascinating things are 1) there’s someone that knows a ton about that subject matter and 2) there’s an audience for it! You are an expert at something. In fact, you have been gaining and storing knowledge for quite some time it seems. Writing a book allows you to establish credibility as a thought-leader or expert about your subject matter of choice. 

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1. Writing a book will help someone else. Not to get all philosophical, but one of the primary purposes of life is to help someone else. Writing a book helps you accomplish this purpose on many levels. It could be as simple as allowing your spouse to sleep peacefully beside you now that you have gotten the idea out of your head. Or it could be as complex as solving one of the modern world’s greatest problems. The bottom line is that writing a book allows you to use what you know, believe, or imagine to help someone else in some capacity.

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

While these are just five, there are many reasons for writing a book. What are some of yours? Drop a comment below, and share this article.

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