Finding Inspiration to Write

I like to believe that inspiration can be both the protagonist and antagonist in our writing stories. There are days when inspiration flows freely, and it’s difficult to cork the pour. Other times, inspiration seems to taunt us from the shores of a distant island while we rummage for things to assemble into a mangled version of a boat to get there. I have found that even on my hardest days, there are a few places that I can immediately turn to in an effort to get the thoughts flowing:

1.       Nature – It can be as simple as opening the window and admiring the trees outside, or as complicated as observing a habitat from a hidden perch. Nature provides a backdrop and soundtrack on even the most uninspired days.

2.       Family – Family offers inspiration from numerous perspectives. From parenting to jilted interactions at holiday gatherings, there is enough subject matter to write something different daily.

3.       Photographs – They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Take a look at a photograph and draw inspiration from the details you notice and stories it tells.

4.       Personal Stories – You have a story to tell. When seeking inspiration, sometimes the inspiration is within. Take time to share your journey, even if it is just to the grocery store.

As a writer, it is easy to get blocked. Opening yourself to inspiration from various sources, even the seemingly mundane, offers a way to keep your channels open. I believe that writing every day makes it easier to write on demand because you’re always in the flow.

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