5 Reasons to Start Writing

Sometimes you want to write, but getting started proves more difficult than you anticipated. One of the ways that I overcome the stagnation is to remind myself of the reasons why I should start writing right then and there. Five reasons to start writing include:

1.       Writing makes you a better writer. Becoming a better writer comes through practice. Choosing to write a few sentences or numerous pages regularly strengthens your writing ability.

2.       Writing helps you remember. Let’s face it, we forget things. Writing allows you to save important memories and recall lost ones.

3.       Writing lets you tell your story. I believe that if you don’t tell your own story, someone else will. Whether for personal healing or to entertain and ignite the imagination of others, Writing allows you to do that.

4.       Writing offers physical and emotional health benefits. Studies show that expressive writing impacts stress levels and improves mood. Writing to process traumatic and emotional events also leads to fewer physical illnesses.

5.       Writing builds your vocabulary. With stronger vocabularies, our communication is sharpened Having a broader vocabulary can also keep your audience interested in your message with appropriate word choice.

There are numerous reasons to start writing. Some are rooted in your ability to get better at your craft such as becoming a better writer and strengthening your vocabulary. Other reasons to write, like helping remember things and telling our stories, are deeply connected to being better versions of ourselves.

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