4 Places to Build Your Writing Experience

So you want to write more, but don’t know where to start. Or perhaps you want to become a freelancer but don’t have a portfolio. Aside from your personal diary/blog writing, it is important to have experience in other areas. Here are four places to get started building your experience:

1.       Church – Many churches have moved to broadcasts and bulletins. Join the committee to be one of the writers behind the announcements.

2.       Local Magazines and newspapers – Most local publications are fueled by writers’ coverage of local events and happenings. Become a part of the writing community while learning how to target and write for different audiences.

3.       Nonprofits – Nonprofit organizations are sustained on great story telling. Sometimes the cause does not yield the income to hire a writing resource. Volunteer to help one out as part of their communications team.

4.       School – Take a writing course at the local community college. Another school angle is volunteer your writing services to help a teacher build their website or weekly bulletins.

Whatever you choose to write, do not let lack of experience stop you from moving forward. Exploring your options will help you determine what type of writing you are good at, as well as what type of writing you enjoy most. The more you write, the better you will be as a writer.

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