Solve for whY

(Written on an iPhone between night feedings)

The answers to mathematical equations is often found by solving for y. Similarly the answers to life's equations also lie in solving for "why". Our why's have the power to compel us to action or stop us dead in our tracks. Yesterday one of my why's shifted into high gear when we took our preschooler on a tour of a school that we'd really like for her to attend for kindergarten. Enrolling her in this school would continue the path to intellectual greatness that she's already set off for. The problem? It would require some sacrifice and logistical planning to make it work. How would we get her across town and back on time every day? What if she gets sick during the day? Who would be able to get to her in a timely manner? In a perfect world we would split the task. But that's not how our real life is set up. The next option in our utopian minds would be for me to take it on as one of my responsibilities as the stay-at-home maven. Guess what? That's right I'm not her in real life either! Mommy has a regular 9-5. And while I am grateful for the work and provision it brings, the requirements of working for someone else don't allow the total flexibility necessary to carry out some of my other desires. I'll be 100% honest here: driving the kid to school daily with frequent opportunities to serve as a volunteer as necessary sounds really awesome. Being able to attend as many programs throughout the year and go on field trips without requesting time off from someone rings delightfully in my ears. That's hard to do large scale when punching someone else's clock. Now these were all desires and throughts that I'd had before. However they weren't activated enough to catch fire and burn down my reservations and excuses for mediocrity in my life and career. Yesterday the Mommy in me stood up bolder than before knowing I've got to do better in order for them to have better. I've got to (problem) solve one side to accommodate the "why". I know that the changes won't happen over night but I have to go step by step to the solution. As a former math teacher I acknowledge that there is often more than one way to arrive at the solution. So the steps that have worked for one Mommy Mogul may not be the best fit for me. I just have to write the number sentence that works for our family. Right now that means some collaboration and lots communication with mommy & daddy. That also means some sacrifice and change in mentality. So far the process includes identifying some smaller opportunities that will lead to big gains and taking the time to implement those even if requiring some late nights, early mornings and missed outings. Who am I kidding? I'm doing all of that anyway with a new little person in our lives! Temporary #TeamNoSleep...

Y Solved - the mogul in me must make significant strides to accomplish the things I desire as a Mommy in the seasons to come.

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