Our children interpret love in their own way. It’s spelled TIME. When we spend time with them, they are convinced of our love for them. As they learn love from us, they are able to more readily recognize and give love in their own contexts.  Here are a few ways to show love to your kids:


·         Talk to them.

·         Take time out from your regular routine to spend uninterrupted with them.

·         Take a detour route home and enjoy the adventure.

I –

·         Inquire about things that are important to them.

·         Identify the things you love about them.

·         Implement a weekly or monthly activity.

M –

·         Make memories together.

·         Go on a Make-Believe Mission.

·         Master a new skill.

E –

·         Exercise together.

·         Explore a new place.

·         Experiment with food or an activity.


Are there any activities that your children particularly enjoy?

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