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I really do love the song “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars. It’s sexy and fun – both ways that I distantly view myself. However, I must be honest in sharing that over the years, I’ve lost touch with what I like, sexy, fun or otherwise.

My aunt says it this way “We don’t know what we like; we like what we know” and I think it’s so true. Growing up, I liked (and disliked) the things my mother told me. To give you an idea: we liked Heinz ketchup, not Hunts. And we did not like black purses with white stitching. Since her passing, I’ve become a wife and learned to like some things for him. I’ve become a mother and learned to like some things for them. So when I get a few extra dollars or moments to myself it’s often hard to determine what I like or want to do with that time or space. I’ll be honest and say most time the money goes to something for the kids and the time is spent catching a nap or tidying something up.

What I am learning through countless observations and conversations is that it is important to know what we like for ourselves. And more importantly, it’s necessary not to feel bad about liking something for ourselves. As women, we are often taught to take the role of accommodating others; we compromise even at the expense of our own needs and happiness. The result of this warped approach is frustration and unfulfillment in many areas: sex, love, work, friendships, and life as a whole.

If you’re like me it may have been a while since anyone asked you what YOU like. Today, I want you to think about the things that you like. What do you like? (Say it out loud and drop a comment below.) Are they regular fixtures in your life? Have you changed your mind on the things that you like? That’s ok too you know. 😊

Here’s my short list of (today’s) likes: candles, mugs, journals, shoes and wine. I like scarves and honey kisses and hugs (from my hubs). I like books and snacks. I like love music and romantic comedies.

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