So Many Moving Parts: 10 Ways to Maintain

As a woman, life is often comprised of many moving parts. As a woman in business, of any kind, the number of parts increases exponentially. The sum of all of the moving parts is a machine that accomplishes a goal or completes a task. In order to handle all of those parts successfully it is important to be really clear about the purpose of the machine. You must also be aware of the maintenance necessary to keep the machine operating at its optimum level. Here are a few thoughts that have resonated with me as I maintain the moving parts of being a mogul.

1.       Set specific goals.

2.       Be intentional with every effort.

3.       Stay true to YOUR vision.

4.       Be attentive to the details.

5.       Do not get distracted by the non-essential details.

6.       Do only the things that are essential to the progress of your vision.

7.       Identify areas where you can and should delegate.

8.       Schedule your priorities instead of prioritizing a to-do list.

9.       Consider the impact of your “yes” and “no”.

10.   Stay the course and adjust as necessary.

BONUS: Don’t be afraid to scrap what doesn’t work.

Being a mogul happens in many forms and presents a different evolution for everyone. While some people’s efforts are concentrated in one space, there are others whose hands are extended in several different directions. However, the mindset is still the same.

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