Just 10 Minutes to Clear the Clutter


Okay, true confession: I live a cluttered life. While I would love to have a clutter free life space, I don’t.  The holidays seem to complicate things a bit more especially as I stash gifts and try to make room for guests. When I try to tackle large chunks, I fail miserably. So my tip for you in clearing the clutter is one that works for me (when I use it consistently):

-          10 Minute Tidy – Choose a room (or section depending on the amount of clutter) and set a timer for 10 minutes. During that time, focus only on clearing that space of the clutter. Repeat daily in various areas of your home/office until you’re clutter free.

-          As a bonus, start with the area that you dread working on first.

How do you maintain cleanliness around and through the holidays?

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