Just 10 Minutes to Improve Your Mood Daily


10 Minutes to Improve Your Mood Daily

With holiday commitments, it’s easy to over look self for the “care” of others. But in all actuality, we often end up more burnt out than before. Taking 10 minutes to improve yourself each day is a wonderful gift that you (and those that have to deal with you) will appreciate greatly. Here are the things that fill my 10 minutes:

1.       Pray/Affirm positive things for yourself.

2.       Intentionally choose peace & joy as your companions.

3.       Write down one thing/one sentence that you are grateful for each day.

4.       Read something that has nothing to do with work (or politics, or parenting, or anything stressful).

5.       Watch/listen to something funny and allow yourself to laugh.

6.       Wear something that makes you feel GREAT.

7.       Move your body (walk, stretch, dance, whatever).

Do these things EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. You’ll be thankful you did.

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