Just 10 Minutes to Connect with Your Spouse


The holidays come fast and furious from work, to family to everything else in between. We find ourselves in close quarters with our spouses because suddenly we have time off. Or we’re the opposite and find ourselves detached working overtime trying to close out the year or running to complete tasks for holiday commitments. Regardless of your positioning, it is imperative that you take 10 minutes per day to connect with your spouse in the haste and hurry of the holidays. Here are some things to try:

1.       Send a text or message (not related to tasks/honey do lists).

2.       Write a quick gratitude list.

3.       Dance to your favorite holiday tunes.

4.       Share a devotional.

5.       Watch a television show, YouTube video or quirky commercial. Shower together (that’s uninterrupted talk time AND you’re getting clean, because efficiency).

6.       Walk or ride around the neighborhood.

What’s on your list?

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