A Year of Dates: 12 Ideas for a Date per Month

I was one of those girls that looked forward to being able to date. I was excited at the prospect of some cute guy coming to take me on an adventure every weekend. As I've continued to grow and mature the desire hasn't changed but the circumstances have. Being a busy adult with an equally busy spouse and parenting, Friday and Saturday nights are no longer automatic outings. There are no last minute pop offs or impromptu group outings. Why?  Because Things have changed. It takes planning. So many factors to consider. Among the top: Who's gonna take the kids? How long are they available? Do our friends with kids have sitters too? How much is it gonna cost for the date AND the sitter?

Then there's the: How tired are we after this week? Where can we go that's not crowded? We're of transitioning age where can we go that's age appropriate besides dinner and a movie?


This year I want to change the narrative and be intentional about dating my spouse. Neither one of us is thrilled at the prospect of falling asleep on the couch every night through our old age. In fact a happy couple with some 40+ years under their belt advised that the WORST thing we could ever do is become sedentary. They've got to know something! So with that in mind I've developed a year of dates list so that at least once per month we have a chance to connect as him and her. In a city like Atlanta there's so much to do. And unbelievably I've missed out on lots of it by becoming stale and reserved. Here are a few things that we might try this year:


  1. Game Night in
  2. Cooking Class
  3. Ferris Wheel/carnival
  4. Museum
  5. Golf round/lesson (or Top Golf)
  6. Escape room
  7. Mystery Dinner Theatre
  8. Beer Tour
  9. Sporting Event 
  10. NASCAR race
  11. Porsche tour
  12. Arcade/go carting


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