Thankful for Me

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A couple of months ago I heard a radio host ask what is the best thing about ourselves. I realized in that moment that it can become entirely too easy to focus on the things that aren’t so great. And those are the things that we spend our time, money and energy on. We pray “God fix this… Help me with…”.  We invest in courses, read books and join groups to help us fix what’s wrong. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with becoming a better version of yourself or strengthening areas of weakness. But what would happen if we temporarily exchanged our “fix-it” mentality for a “thankful for it” outlook?

This month is when our focus is on Thanksgiving. Many of us gather with family and friends and list off the things we are grateful for: life, family, food, clothes, housing, etc. How many times have you just had a moment of gratitude for who and how you are? Have you ever dared to thank your creator for all of the good things about yourself? Even further, have you ever been bold enough to offer the good parts of yourself back to Him for His use? Changing your prayer from “Lord, this is broken, fix it soon. Amen” to “Lord I am grateful for the gift of a beautiful smile. May you be pleased with use of my smile as I encounter people today.”

I know it seems almost too simple, but imagine hearing all of the good things you’ve done listed off. To a creator, seeing your hard work is a great reward.  We’ve talked about Bliss Lists in relationships, but what about a Gratitude List for self and all of the things that make you wonderful.

Take some time today and list out ALL of the things that make you amazing. What are the things about yourself that you’re grateful for? Maybe you’re resilient, creative and kind. Perhaps you have a keen business sense, mathematical mind or a knack for organizing chaos. Take that list and create a Prayer of Thanksgiving for all of the things that make you, YOU.

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