Relational Gratitude

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As time passes, it’s easy to become content in where you are and what you have. I find this to be especially true in marriage. As we enter the season of Thanksgiving and holiday celebration, I try to be mindful of this, not just from the perspective of “happy to have him” but really from the place of growth and experience together. I try to focus in on the little things that I am grateful for regarding my relationship with my husband. I work towards being especially mindful of the things that I may overlook or take for granted on a regular basis. This allows me to serve, prepare and engage in the season from a place of love and gratitude.

Many years ago, before we were married, he asked me to take one of my off days during the week of Thanksgiving to help his mother prep for the holiday. I was NOT interested, for many reasons. But I did it because he asked me to. The day turned out better than I anticipated if for no other reason than the joy and gratitude that he expressed for me taking that time with his mom.

What I’m learning more and more is that when there is a foundation of genuine gratitude and appreciation, relationships thrive. Yes, love is important, but it’s not the whole. Thanksgiving says “I see you”, “I recognize your efforts”, “I appreciate your engagement”. Nothing says love like a great big “Thank You”.

When was the last time that you expressed gratitude and thanksgiving to and for your spouse?

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