Cuffing & Committed

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It’s cuffing season. Yes, it’s a thing. And yes, I indulged in my single life. Honestly, it was my hubby that I’d get cozy with during the colder months. But once you’re married, is cuffing still a thing? I think that I’ve shared before that forever seems like a really long time, but taking it one day at a time helps us get there. I am a firm believer that the same thing it took to get your spouse is the same thing (and more) that it will take to maintain the relationship. As I looked online, there are a number of resources and diagrams about cuffing season and how to prep and survive. I thought I’d add my two cents on cozying up to your long-term partner.


1.       Dress the Part – During cuffing season, everyone is trying to look their best. Ladies are rocking their boots and guys are getting their #beardgame strong. Unfortunately, when we’re married it becomes easy to fall into the mundane, “take me as I am”, “he knows what I look like”, “this is my everyday mom uniform”. So I am challenging myself, and you, to look the part during this cuffing season. Remind him of one of the reasons why he stopped and cuddled up in the first place.

2.       Create a Playlist – Years ago there were a few playlists created just for cuffing season. (I know I laughed too.) But really music is the soundtrack of life and there is nothing better than feel good music to keep the twinkle in your eyes shining bright. Whether you create one together or one that sets you up to be in the mood for cozying up, make a list. I’m adding Tank’s Savage to my line up.

3.       Plan & Do Something – Break up the monotony of your daily relationship routine by seeking, planning and DOING something fun over the next few months. Part of the fun in cuffing when single was exploring new things with your partner. Make your dates different, try something new. Shared, new experiences have been proven to deepen relationships. We already have a concert on our upcoming list (now to find a babysitter!).

How will you cozy up to your spouse during this cuffing season?

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