Maintaining Me: A Checklist for Self-Care

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The last few weeks have been overwhelming to say the least. I’ve found myself rocking in anxiety both due to internal and external factors. As I began to get my bearings together I have been reminded of the necessity of maintaining me. There are certain things that I must do to ensure my well-being prior to juggling all of the other things that I am responsible for.

Yesterday, I heard someone saying that we as individuals must make sure that we are getting our regular maintenance, like cars. And I began to think about what that maintenance would look like for me. Ironically enough when I opened my planner to grab today’s post topic, it was on Maintaining Me. Maybe not so ironic as it is divine. 😊 

The end of the year is rapidly approaching so the time for maintenance

Here’s my 10-point maintenance checklist:

·         What is my general mood and disposition lately?

·         When was the last time I had scheduled, uninterrupted me time?

·         When was the last time I did a personal Bible study?

·         When was the last time I connected with hubby without the kids?

·         When was the last time I connected with family and friends, outside of the context of obligations?

·         What was the last thing I did for self-improvement and the pursuit of higher knowledge?

·         How long has it been since I unplugged from social media and connected with real people?

·         What was the last hobby or personal interest I’ve pursued?

·         When was my most recent physical activity?

·         Where have I been outside my daily travel route?

When I have a hard time remembering or there has been a long time has passed, I know that that particular area likely needs maintenance. It may in fact already be broken. What is your maintenance routine? What would you add to this checklist?

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