One Diaper Bag Must Have

Being a new parent you want to be prepared. You look up the lists and get recommendations from friends on what should be in your diaper bag for outings with your newborns and infants. You finally get up the courage to go more than 10 minutes away from the house for longer than a 20 minute outing and it happens… The dreaded exploding diaper with shit running up your baby’s back and down their tiny leg is happening. Thank heavens you brought 6 extra diapers, two additional outfits, the plastic changing pad and an entire container of wipes! Crisis averted, your baby is clean and the exploding diaper has been removed from the scene. The problem now? You didn’t have not one change of clothes in the bag for yourself. So now to face the drippings that made it onto your shirt or bottoms. You scrub feverishly but the smell still slightly lingers and now you have wet patches all over your clothes from the attempts to clean yourself up. Where are you going like that? 

I’m your partner and friend in parenting helping you overcome some of the challenges. So with that, I am telling you in advance, your diaper bag needs to contain at least a fresh shirt for yourself. It’s easier to cover a few splotches on your bottoms with a well-positioned bag or stroller. But that shirt action? Everyone sees it coming. And though most people will see the baby and make the connection, it still doesn’t save you the embarrassment. So as you carefully roll, stuff, stack and pack that bulging diaper bag, don’t forget to tuck away a plastic bag for the soiled items (that you choose not to throw away) and a clean shirt for yourself.

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